How to Type 150 WPM

I type around 100 wpm, but you can definitely type faster with consistent typing and knowing what to do


There are a few websites that I would recommend that would be useful. They will be split into multiple levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Beginner typists are the people who only type with a few fingers and look down. They usually range from 0 to 45 wpm.

Intermediate typists are people who can type without looking down and use most if not all of their fingers. They can usually type from 45 to 100 wpm.

Advanced typists are the people who can type quickly and probably don’t need to know these steps. They type around 100 wpm and on.


If you are a beginner, I would recommend the following websites. is a place where you will learn to have great techniques and get to know where every key is.

Getting the good technique and learning not to look down will take around one to two months with consistent practice.

This step is the hardest out of them all, but not the most time-consuming. The following steps could take months if not years to get quick.

Another website I would recommend would be is a great website where the words aren’t really words, but rather jumbles of words and letters. But they could be letters. This is good to exercise your fingers so that they can find each letter perfectly.

Keybr can be used at any level even advanced but if you are advanced you probably don’t need it.

Remember to have good technique and have good accuracy. Accuracy is more important now than speed. You can work on speed later.


Once you have gone through the pain of learning the letters and knowing where the keys are you can finally move on to writing actual words.

I have a couple of websites that I would recommend to learn. They will be listed as follows.

10fastfingers is not relatively used to practice but to see improvement. It gives you a 60-second test with the top 200 most used words (though you can also do top 1000 if you want an extra challenge). You can use 10fastfingers for practice but you don’t actually practice typing sentences, punctuation, or capitalization.

I would recommend any of the following to practice

Nitrotype was my favorite but now is Monkeytype because Monkeytype has the best customizability and variability. Nitrotype is a racing game like Typeracer, therefore you race others and you will get a sentenced test when typing.

These two are my favorite because it adds a competitive swing on it.

Monkeytype, as I stated before, is my favorite. The reason that it’s my favorite is because of the customizability and variability.

You can change the themes, the length of the test, what the test is, and even if you want punctuation to numbers.

I would recommend this to people who just want to improve and don’t care about a competition to drive their motivation.

Lastly, Typeracer, which basically the same as Nitrotype but you can get longer texts and shorter texts. This is different from Nitrotype because in Nitrotype you get texts based on your speed.

In my opinion, I would use Monkeytype and use 10fastfingers to test my speed. That’s just what I would do, you can do whatever pleases you.


I have no website for you advanced people. You have a great speed, use the websites I suggest before and you can get faster. Just be consistent and work hard to get the speed higher.

Though there is one suggestion I would recommend using while typing and that is:


or (on Mac)


Ctrl+Backspace will delete the word you are working with.

Here is an example:


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

After doing it to the end:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy

This keybind is great for whatever you are doing and can dramatically help your workflow and how fast you can type.

Keyboard Layout

The keyboard layout doesn’t matter that much. But if you are going to type a lot for the rest of your life then you should probably switch to another keyboard layout that I will specify soon.


The layout that has conquered the world and is used by everyone. This layout was designed so that the typewriter wouldn’t jam. This is not the best for ergonomics but you can get very fast with this layout.


The Dvorak layout is the layout that was created so that the letters are typed by both hands and mostly on the home row. If you are going to type for a long period of time, I would recommend this layout. The reason is that there is less movement so that you get less strain in your wrists.

The keyboard layout doesn’t matter as much as you may think. Most people who get past 200 wpm use Qwerty and only a few use Dvorak. I personally don’t use it but I have heard good things about it and would recommend it if you are going to type for an extended period of time for TK most of your life.


Overall, if you plan to increase your typing speed then you will need time, dedication and by using these websites you can get very fast.

Typing fast is a skill that is very useful just remember to use it to the fullest potential you will need to know what you will type before you even start.

Hopefully, you can get at least up to 70 wpm and be one of the faster typers and surprise your friends. Keep typing and keep learning.

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